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Bulb Light / C21BB-BE/C21BB-CE

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Item specifice

Color Temperature: 3000k/5000k Lamp luminous flux(lm): 250-800 Body material: other
Base type: E27,E26 Power(W): 2.5-15 Certification: other
Working Temperature(℃): -20~+50 PF: ≥0.9 Input voltage(V): AC 90-264
CRI (Ra>): ≥80 Warranty: three years IP Rating: IP20

Product Description:

The LED bulb is a high-end light source with high luminosity long life and high energy savings. 


It uses a unique and innovative cooling design, imported LED source and long life power.


 It is efficient and eye protective, energy saving. It is excellent for use in residential homes,


supermarkets, hotels and accommodations, and other locations



Product Features


Environmentally-friendly and energy saving


No flicker for better eye protection


No electrolysis power design 

which greatly prolongs the life


Through-way air flow heat sink design 

with higher heat exchange efficiency


Integrated thermal design reduces the

thermal resistance of the LED heat sink



Type of Application


Residential homes


Commercial buildings






Bulb Light   /   C21BB-BE/C21BB-CE         Bulb Light   /   C21BB-BE/C21BB-CE



Technical  Parameters



ModelInput VoltageWattageLuminous FluxLifetime(h)CRICCTOperating Temp
C21BB-BE26-2.8W AC 90~132V2.8W250lm35000803000K/5000K-20℃~+50℃
C21BB-BE27-2.8WAC 180~264V2.8W250lm35000803000K/5000K-20℃~+50℃
C21BB-BE26-4.8WAC 90~132V4.8W480lm35000803000K/5000K-20℃~+50℃
C21BB-BE27-4.8WAC 180~264V4.8W480lm35000803000K/5000K-20℃~+50℃
C21BB-CE26-7.8W AC 90~132V7.8W800lm35000803000K/5000K-20℃~+50℃
C21BB-CE27-7.8WAC 180~264V7.8W800lm35000803000K/5000K-20℃~+50℃



Size Chart(mm)                                                                        Light Distribution Curve

C21BB-BE27-2.8W/C21BB-BE26-2.8W                                                                                                                           C21BB-BE27-2.8W/C21BB-BE26-2.8W


Bulb Light   /   C21BB-BE/C21BB-CE         Bulb Light   /   C21BB-BE/C21BB-CE Bulb Light   /   C21BB-BE/C21BB-CE



C21BB-BE27-4.8W/C21BB-BE26-4.8W                                                                                                                          C21BB-BE27-4.8W/C21BB-BE26-4.8W

Bulb Light   /   C21BB-BE/C21BB-CE        Bulb Light   /   C21BB-BE/C21BB-CE  Bulb Light   /   C21BB-BE/C21BB-CE


C21BB-CE27-7.8W/C21BB-CE26-7.8W                                                                                                                     C21BB-CE27-7.8W/C21BB-CE26-7.8W

Bulb Light   /   C21BB-BE/C21BB-CE        Bulb Light   /   C21BB-BE/C21BB-CE  Bulb Light   /   C21BB-BE/C21BB-CE



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